Hi, I’m Kelly.

People come to me seeking a way off the hamster wheel of self-doubt. They’ve run themselves ragged trying to meet obligations, trying to belong. Rather than seeking the self-acceptance, they are looking to others for acceptance. It’s exhausting.

If you are ready to get off your own hamster wheel, I can help.

Through our work, you’ll become confident that your happiness and satisfaction don’t rely on other people’s approval.

In fact, you’ll find that what other people think about your life is none of your business. Instead, you’ll accept that you are your own authority figure.

You’ll step off of the wheel, out of self-doubt, and into the life that you want.

What I Offer

Running through the constant hamster wheel of doubt.

The day starts with the same story. “Today will be different. I won’t feel like such an imposter in my own life. I am amazing.”

Not more than an hour later, a familiar song berates your consciousness. “I will never be enough. Why can’t things be easy? When will my ship finally come in? Maybe never? Man, I wish I wasn’t so stupid, meaningless, and pointless?”

By lunch, your mind is flooded with the what-ifs of the world. You wonder if there will ever be a day when it doesn’t feel this way.

Someone must see your struggle.

“It cannot just be me rolling through each day as if I’m being dragged behind a truck?”

Fleeting Happiness

In the rare moments when you could be happy, you get stuck waiting for the other shoe to drop.

There’s no space to stop and feel the happiness because you are too distracted by the worst-case scenarios your brain presents.

You know this is a problem, but you haven’t been able to get a handle on it. Constant analysis of yourself drives you deeper into a web of self-doubt and fear.

There’s a real struggle to be our true selves.

Too often we look around at other people’s lives to figure out our own.

We use the lens of others’ approval to guide our decisions, rather than determining what is best for ourselves.

It’s comfortable. Until we realize that staying under the radar has evolved into this chasm of lost potential and wasted energy.

Living authentically, unapologetically, and freely can be your reality.

Instead of waiting for something out of your control to happen, you can create stability and freedom for yourself.

What does it take? It takes you being a willing participant in your own change so that you can find, and learn to change, the small life patterns that keep things stuck in the status quo.

Life can be different. Life can be better.

Welcome to a brave new world where you are in the driver’s seat.

I’m so glad that you are here to embrace a bold new step into the life that you not only will love, but truly deserve.

It’s time to ignite your new way of life.

Get in touch today!